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Illyana is wandering in the backdoor.
Yes. The back door. That back door.

She'd been 'porting to the living room from her bedroom for Sam's brilliant team leader we should have a winter break meeting thing. Except she ended up in the Milliway's stable. It's not all that new. Ending up where she never meant to go. But she couldn't teleport away from Milliways. Again.

She only appeared five feet from where she'd been.
At least she doesn't think she's a year in the future (again).

She wondered how well Sam would buy 'stolen by intergalactic bar.'
It wasn't even the most farfetched thing they'd done in the last month.

[ Note: Name: Illyana Rasputin | Age: It's Complicated, or 14 | Codename: Magik | Hate of The Beyonder & A Man Named Ogun: Quite insignificant compared to later | Plot: She's Turning Japanese]